What to expect during a therapy session

The first session is a chance to meet you face-to-face and discuss your worries and concerns. This session can be for an individual, parents, or a whole family, depending on the situation. It is really an opportunity for me to assess your situation and outline a plan moving forward. I‘ll also outline the ethical responsibilities I adhere to

Subsequent sessions will be tailored to your individual situation. Sometimes, further assessments may be needed, such as talking to your child or other family members, completing kindergarden/school observations, or administering cognitive/educational assessments. 

Once I have completed the assessment I will be able to confirm any diagnoses and outline a suitable treatment plan. I am always happy to also write a formal diagnostic report if needed. 

Treatment sessions can also vary. Sometimes treatment will just involve one member of the family; other times it may involve just the parents or the whole family. I will always discuss different treatment options with you and will ensure we all agree with the proposed plan. Once a treatment plan is in place, I will talk to you about what the process will involve, how long it’s likely to take, and how much it’s likely to cost. 

As a general rule though, I find that many child and family issues are treated best with a family approach that involves both the child and parents in the sessions. This way everyone understands the therapeutic process and treatment goals so that the support can be continued at home.